Why Natalie Bennett’s Green performances lack that Brand awareness

Giulio Sica


The Green party leader is failing to deliver a coherent and convincing message on national television and undermining the cause. Is it time for seasoned media commentator Russell Brand to stand in for her to articulate the vision of a fairer society and hit back at the cynics?

Once again, the Green party leader Natalie Bennett appeared on a political television show, this time the BBC’s Question Time, and once again, despite her best intentions, she failed to articulate her vision in a convincing way. Thankfully for her, perhaps, there was another member of the panel who stumbled more than she did, the former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy, who has in the past struggled with alcohol and by the sounds of his answers and the view of many commentators online, appeared to be continuing to struggle. It was awkward to watch, and social media people have of course been…

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Bath Literature Festival – Election Special: A political discussion that left me speechless

Giulio Sica

P1090678Those who know me, know that I rarely let a chance go by to give an opinion on politics and so-called current affairs. When going to organised political discussions with mainstream journalists, I’m even more likely to proffer a provocative question and get into sometimes heated exchanges with the assembled speakers. But tonight’s discussion, one of the last of the week long Bath Literature Festival, on the upcoming election and UK politics in general, hosted by the BBC business editor Kamal Ahmed, left me so stunned by the lack on any meaningful appreciation of the disenfranchised political landscape, that though fuming throughout at many of the panel’s opinions, I could not bring myself to vent my fury, so futile did I think would be the likelihood of meaningful dialogue ensuing.

On listening to the guests, the Guardian journalists Gaby Hinsliff and Rafael Behr and the Times political sketch writer Ann…

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Indyref Blog Number 1: How did I get here?

A reluctant yes voter stacks up a great set of reasons for independence. I dont think too much about losing the vote. I really hope we pull it off!

Susan's Indy Blog

My head is going to explode if I don’t let some of the independence referendum thoughts out but really there are legions of clever kids out there doing this stuff so don’t feel you have to stay unless you are really, really bored. Seriously, if you haven’t done your mindfulness meditation do that first. One of us should. 

Right, where was I? Introduction. I’m writing this little blog for me because I am struggling to get a grip on why I am a YES supporter. I think I am in shock. Taking sides isn’t easy for me. I spent years making radio news stories trying to give everyone an equal say and it became a way of living and thinking. I have never been a member of the SNP and only recently joined the Scottish Green Party (SGP) where support for independence is not a prerequisite of a warm welcome. If…

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